Monday, April 13, 2009

Eggs & Bunnies

We started Easter weekend with an egg hunt in our neighborhood on Saturday morning:

And then later we dyed our eggs:

Jane did a great job and had lots of fun...

She "ooohed" and "ahhhed" over the finished eggs:

The Easter Bunny came! After we checked out our baskets, I wasn't paying attention to what Jane was up to and this happened:

And then this....poor Kate.

Later, at Carly & Mike's house, another egg hunt!

By this time, Jane was a pro.

Grandpa helped her open a special Easter gift.

More treats from Grandma...

And there was a bunny!

Kate napped during most of this, but when she woke up, she spent some time with Grandpa.

It was a great day and the weather was beautiful. I don't think Jane ate any "real" food at all yesterday. Every time I looked at her, she was eating candy or cookies. But isn't that what you're supposed to do on Easter???

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Chicks

I sewed up some sweet momma & baby chicks for my little niece and nephews for Easter. I found the project here.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Library Tote

I made Jane a simple tote for her library books adapted from an idea I saw here. I was originally going to embroider the bag, but I don't have a thimble and, yipes, would those be some sore thumbs when I was done with that one. Then I saw Cindy's post and changed my mind. I wanted the letters to be in the middle of the bag, though, so I used heavy duty Heat n' Bond and skipped the machine sewing. We've been using it for a month or so and the letters are still going strong without peeling off. The only problem is that Jane will only carry a bag (any sort of bag) that weighs over a few ounces for about twelve seconds before I end up carrying it. So I know you were picturing her, all cute, skipping along and toting her bookbag, but you were'd have to picture me, toting purse, baby, diaper bag, and library tote while Jane runs off in the wrong direction toting nothing. We'll work on that.