Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A doll bed for Janie...

doll bed 4

I never shared the doll bed that John and I did for Jane's birthday...

doll bed 1

doll bed 3

John painted this little bed and I made a doll quilt:

doll bed 5

and a little pillow:

doll bed 2

Do these fabrics look familiar? Some of them are the same ones I used for the curtain in the laundry room.....that's what reminded me that I needed to share this too!

Now, what do we get little Kate for her birthday (coming up in 10 days)??? I have no ideas.......

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Laundry Room: Before & After

jar of clothespins

I mentioned our laundry room makeover before and I know you're on the edge of your seat!!! First, let me start by saying that my laundry room was always my favorite room in the house:

scary before 3

scary before 2

Just kidding. It was vile.

It has bugged me since before we moved in to the house. And because I hated it so much, I just let it get grosser and grosser until it was so gross I couldn't stand it anymore. So, with John being out of work, we decided to take it on. Here is what it looks like now:


John took a tile class at Home Depot and did the new floor all by himself! Before, the floor was a fake green "marble" linoleum floor. It had holes in it...and I do not even like to think about what sort of disgustingness that floor had met in its days. When he ripped it up, he sanded the plywood that was underneath:


And then laid a concrete subfloor (I forgot to take a picture of that part). Then he was ready to lay the tile. We decided to do black grout so it wouldn't show as much dirt.

working on floor...

...and then it was done!

floor: after

new floor

Next, I painted, we removed the old wire shelf (I hate those things...raise your hand if you have them in every closet in your house.....and they leave lines on your clothes and things fall through them, etc.....not to mention they're ugly....ugh! HATE THEM!!!) and we put up some white cabinets from IKEA. We painted and hung a dowel for hanging clothes to dry, hung hooks for our bags, and finally, I made a little curtain for the window.

new cabinets

drying rod




Done! What do you think? Now I actually enjoy doing laundry. That won't last long though.

Still confused......

I am still learning about my new camera, and also changing things a little so I can upload pictures here directly from's taking me a while to get it all figured out. Meanwhile, here's my new favorite picture of Jane, with the new camera. The laundry room post is next...check back very soon to see all the pictures!!!