Friday, January 29, 2010

Almost February!!!

Heart applique

I think January is my least favorite month. All that post-holiday sadness and crappy gray weather. I remember the day Jane was born (May 18th), John's brother Jim was driving to the hospital to see us and said he heard on the radio that May 18th is the happiest day of the year. Of course we thought so with our perfect new little girl..........but then they said the saddest day of the year is January 7th. Do you agree? I do......other than the fact that that's my mom's birthday...I had to laugh at that. Sorry, Mom!!! Anyway...I think that's why I love Valentine's Day so much. The end of January means I can start to craft/decorate for Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong....of course I hated Valentine's day during my teenage/college years just like every other girl. I love it now that I have kids partly because I know how much they love it and look forward to every holiday. To me it's really more about the kids and not all that romantic roses/chocolate crap that it's been commercialized as.

Sorry for rambling. Remember how long I've been away from the blog? Now I have lots to say!!! I know you're out there listening, my blog traffic software says that you are...not to mention how many people told me I needed to post! So if you're reading this, please take a minute to post a comment...especially if you never have....just so I know you're out there! Your comments are what keep me going, and up until now I mostly get comments in person but I'd love to have more on here. If I can get more feedback I will start having contests and giveaways!!! Yay! You know you want something free! Leave a comment!

I will be back very soon to show you how to make a 30 minute (or less) personalized shirt for your favorite little loved one!

Heart shirt

In the mean time, click here to take a look at my post last year about a very easy and sweet Valentine garland that you can make to remind yourself how lucky you are to have love in your life (and how happy you are to be done with January!)

If you want to make your own click here for a quick tutorial!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 2010!


Once again, this is old news, so I'm going to attempt to post everything I've missed without too many words. I need to use some's just been way too long!


Santa brought Jane a Tinkerbell dress. She hates it. She said it's "for Halloween". We're going to try to return it to Disney World this summer. :(

Jane got a scooter too (a Mini's awesome). Kate rode it when she wasn't looking:




Grandpa Bob's famous Kitchen Rides:


Of course there was a Snuggie:

Great Grandma Fang was here:

Then, a week at my parents' house in Detroit:


Noah reeeeeeeally wanted to get in the picture with the cute!!!




We spent New Year's Eve at my brother Steve's house with my good friend Gena and her family. It was her son Avery's 6th birthday.



Steve & Tina had trick candles so the kids got to blow them out many times!!! See all the smoke?



We took a trip to my Uncle Mike's farm in Adrian, MI. My mom's ENTIRE family was there (almost). The house was filled to the brim. So much fun and so great to see everyone!!! Everyone wanted to explore all the barns...below is the old outhouse. It was 347 degrees below zero that day, otherwise I'd have lots more pictures of the outside!!!


The kids got to meet cousins they didn't even know they had. This is only about one-fourth of the kids. Did anyone else get a better picture of everyone together?






I got to see my cousins too! Almost all of them!!! But I only got one & Lynnie.

See that tree behind us??? Uncle Mike has the best Christmas trees and ornaments!



Oh, and one more thing...Jane tried Coke for the first time. She had no idea why she had been missing out on this delicioius sweet liquid for so long!!!

Sorry, I should have posted this weeks ago. I know no one wants to look at Christmas pictures anymore. I promise to be a better blogger in 2010! I'm working on some more time-appropriate material to share with you...Valentine's Day stuff!

Be back soon!!!