Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Choppers

Here's our little bunny rabbit in all her glory with a pile of Cheerios and not even strapped into her seat. She was feelin' special. Of course Jane was right there too, but she's not in most pictures because we're potty training and unfortunately she was nekked from the waist down. But check out Kate munching on the green chair.

She really thought it was delicious.

And even though she won't let us get a look at those two upper teeth, here's proof that they're there:

John says it looks like she's smoking a Cheerio here:

The worst part about the Cheerio stage is that this happens:

And then this happens:
(Look at that hilarious foot!)

And today, even this happened (gross):

Anyway, I am so sorry for being gone from this blog for so long. I really do not know what happened to me. One thing, I was in a photographic slump and really wasn't getting any good shots. I was so sad about the pictures I got at Jane's birthday party. But whatever. I don't know why else. I know how annoying it is when you go to check a blog and that same stinking picture is there for months and months. Sorry I did that to you. If you're still there. I really will be shocked if anyone is still there.

Yesterday we went shopping with Carly & Holly. Here's some shots of the girls...they are always cute together.

Thanks for sticking around and I'll be back soon, I promise!!! LOTS more to share...including a very exciting (for me) full laundry room makeover with before and after shots! Just putting some finishing touches on it and then I'll share.

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