Monday, March 15, 2010

Bathrooms on the Brain

We desperately need a redo in our main floor bathroom. I started peeling the wallpaper off the walls several years ago and, due to extreme lack of decisiveness, there it sits. I'm sort of glad I let it sit there so long though, because I finally know what I want to do in there. It will need to be on a budget though, and by budget, I mean as cheap as possible.

When I saw this, I knew I had a jumping-off point. Swooning.........
But it will need to be a slightly smaller version that we'll do ourselves. The chrome legs can be purchased separately, and then we'll have to have a piece of marble cut for the top. This one is from Restoration Hardware (that means $$$) and is too big for our space anyway.

I hope to do a classic, all white bathroom, like one that you would see in an old house. Our house isn't new, but it isn't old enough to be considered an old house, and I love old houses.

I've been collecting some images for inspiration, here are a few:




above three images all from the Waterworks showroom

marble tops

elle nov 05
Elle Decor

elle oct 07
Elle Decor


vintage black & white

blue walls

white on white


console table
A more budget-friendly version of the dream sink, still cute though.

sink console
Another option. I think this one's from Pottery Barn.

white & black
small bathroom...just like ours.

perfect master

...and gray. I love how they used smaller tiles on top here.

tile walls

A little bit of trivia: the above photo is Miranda's bathroom from the set of Sex & the City.

Ours is the main floor bathroom that we use and that people see and use when they come over (or the Powder Room if you're Southern!) But it's a full bath since we have a bedroom on the main we have the tub/shower to redo also.

I'd like to do the 1-inch hex tiles on the floor with gray grout. Either porcelain:
hex tiles

or marble:
1 inch Hexagon

And plain white subway tile on the walls. These ones are from Lowes, 22 cents each:
7-7-lowes subway

I love the tiles in a herringbone pattern too, like this:
herringbone tile

I picture it with an oval mirror above the sink, something like this:
pivoting mirror

This one's a medicine cabinet, even better! Why don't houses have medicine cabinets anymore???

And a bridge faucet, like this one:

With sconces on either side of the mirror, I like these ones from Bellacor ($70 each):
bellacor 70

and a glass or marble shelf above the sink, something like this:

Some other accessories on my list:

basket from shoestring home ($40):
shoestring home basket 40

chrome soap holder for tub from signature hardware ($42):
chrome soap basket

Ahhhhhhhhhh....a girl can dream, right????

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